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tv   News  ABC  June 7, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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nowcaught red hand he is not quitting but can he survive a political career. you are sounding off online. what congressman weiner should do after being caught sexting multiple women. the defense begins in the trial of a police office here gunned down a marine outside a nightclub. >> reporter: your ride into work could be one like never before. check your rear view mirror because the flashing lights balkat any minute a plane could flyby you. >> those stories are ahead on this tuesday morning june 7th. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. i think flyby is. >> 7 miles per hour. >> 50. >> 50. they upped it to 50 miles per hour so the backups may not be so bad. lenda so is live and sought the plane out. >> absolutely. we will check in with her in a little bit. but we will check in with meet orologist lynette charles filling in for justin. good -- justin good morning.
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>> good morning. the weather today we will get sunshine. we will have the temperatures at or near 90 and it gets more humid through the middle of the week which is tomorrow. storms possible by the end of the week. by friday, and here's the air quality alert. you can see it for basically most maryland except the western part of maryland also the eastern shore. and it's heading up into new jersey and pennsylvania. this is what it looks like right now. things are dry. let's send it over to tonya and she has the traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 50 westbound at the bay bridge an object is on the road. topside on the outer hoop is a mess. let's get to it and take a look. 695 at providence completely stopped on the outer loop due to lake clearing construction. single lane filed by file up by the 83s. we have a couple accidents to mention to you. 83 southbound at the beltway. left lane is blocked. you will have delays from timonium and york road is your
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alternate. anne arundel county we are going to have 97 southbound at quarterfield road on the right shoulder. megan. >> once i realize i posted to twitter panicked and took it down and said was hacked. >> first he says he's victim and now a congressman says was not telling the truth. that's wouldn't big stories we are work on for you this morning. new york congressman anthony weiner's political career and personal life in limbo this morning. abc's john h-endron has more on the admission and a woman at the center of the scannedda. >> reporter: eye took a week for him to go from this. >> this is a twitter hoax a prank that was done. i am the victim of it. >> reporter: to this. >> to be clear, the picture was of me. and i sent it. >> reporter: the new york congressman delivered an apology to his wife and an aid
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to hillary clinton and to the media in blunt language. >> once i realized i posted to twitter i panicked. >> reporter: and he went on. >> i took it down and said it's been hacked. >> reporter: and on. >> i exchanged messages and photos of an explicit nature with 6 women over the last three years. >> reporter: among the women was 26-year-old megan bruisard of texas who traded messages after calling one of his speeches hot on facebook. >> i liked to see someone who stood for something and was passionate about something. >> reporter: she says she received increasingly ris risque photos including this shot that set off the controversy last week and she sent these in return. >> he was eager to hear about if i wanted him or thought he was attractive. >> reporter: many of his constituents are willing to forgive. >> hopefully he will get through it and move on. i think he's great guy. >> reporter: but it can't help his role as leading candidate for new york city mayor. >> i wouldn't vote for him for mayor. >> reporter: he insist despite
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controversy he will not resign. he says he doesn't believe any government resources were used to send the messages. that may be a key point if congress opts to pursue an investigation into what he called weinergate. abc news, washington. >> wasn't too know what you think. we -- we want to know what you think. do you think that congressman weiner should resign? do you think it's irrelevant. head to the facebook fan page and leave a comment. a lot of you are commenting susan writes in saying if everyperson got in trouble for sending lewd picture i think every guy and girl on facebook or chatting on yahoo messenger is guilty but gail says i am tired of the irresponsibility teenage behavior coming from leaders. let us know what you think head to the wmar facebook fan page. north carolina bus driver is accused of assaulting a special education student. you can't see everything on the tape but the arrest warrant
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says she struck a 10-year-old girl on the leg with her hand. she resigned after the district suspended her. she faces two misdemeanor assault charges. and the morning commute for some in pennsylvania ended up with a pig in a blank a reporter was there when a pig was running on the highway traffic. causing drivers to dong it and a woman stopped and got it off the road. a reporter jumped in and used a blanket to get it under control. the woman is now looking for a rescue group to take the pig in. megan is offering her services. >> i love pigs. a mother in milwaukee charged with dui and wreck reckless endangerment with 11 kids in the car. she is the mother of 7 of the children. at least five were hurt yesterday. police say the woman admitted to drinking before getting behind the wheel. 6:35 right now. the original story that happened two years ago it will be likely made into a movie but the trip down 95 had been
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memorable for us. this morning the rush hour commute may be a little bit longer but at least you might have a chance to see history out your window. as you reach for the cell phone to take a picture. abc2 news linda so is live to tell us where the miracle on the hudson plane is right now. linda. >> reporter: well, it is a big secret. a very big secret here in perryville many all we know is that it's near the tolls in perryville somewhere i tried to get a state trooper to tell us where but he said he can't say because yesterday they had problems with people when it was taken to the first secret location. people found it and climbed on top of the plane and tried to snap pictures. they had to move it to a second location and they had someone guard it overnight. no problems at that secret location. so they are not telling us. but they do know that they will move that plane and it will resume the trek. >> north carolina later this morning after the morning rush at around 9 or 10 this morning. you know, it's not every day you see something like that, a 120 foot plane down the highway on a flatbed truck and it's not
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just any plane but it's the famous one that made the miracle on the hudson landing two years ago. it's heading to the final destination an aviation museum in charlotte, north carolina. it is making a long trek with police escort going 50 miles an hour on highway. hundreds came out to catch a glimpse of the rare sight as it made its way through cecil county yesterday. >> i thought it was, crowe know a. lot bigger. but here, it looks like a big tract ob trailer-- tractor trailer. >> reporter: here's the plan. they will wait until the morning rush is over to hit the road again. sometime at around 9 or 10 this morning. a police escort will take it through maryland. and the plan is to head down 95, you go to the beltway 695 and onto 70 and then interstate 68 to make its way through virginia. the plan is the hope is that it will arrive in charlotte, north carolina by the end of the week. live in perryville, linda so,
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abc2 news. >> all right. thanks a lot. that was 95 to 695 to 70 to 68. >> got it. if you want more clear-cut picture of the map the plane will be taking. >> gps is on it. listen. a. a wants alteens to be safe this -- aaa wants all teens to be safe this summer season. >> also ahead, if you take a trip down the ocean this summer, it could pay off big time. the incentive officials are offering you to keep you coming back to the shore. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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now "good morning maryland." all right. with the school year winding down, more teens will be out on
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the road and he aaa says watch out. this is the worst time for them to be on the road and they go onto say 7 of top 10 deadliest days of the year fall between memorial and labor day. those months between 2005 and 09, 7300 teen drivers and passengers died in car crashes. aaa recommend parents cut down on driving and don't allow trips without a purpose. set rules for the number of passengers and also set rules for how long the car can be out. who would have thought staying in a hotel could save you money. ocean city leaders are trying to find ways to get your attention and they are work on a promotion to give away 100,000 dollars in free gas and it would depend on how many nights you stay in ocean city in a hotel there. the details are being worked out right now. we will let you know when we have all the specifics on the deal. so the murder trial of haje tshamba continues. >> it's the defense's turn to
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preen the case. who they hope to call to the witness stand. and told to take a -- tolls over the hatem bridge are set to go up and some say it's putting them at disadvantage. and before you have the second cup of coffee, it could make you hear strange things. we will explain coming up.
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now "good morning maryland." >> thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. this is your abc2 news to go. let's start with lynette charles. >> good morning. we are going to warm up today. by lunchtime, about 86. that was the high yesterday. and then by 4 p.m., the temperature will be right around 90. we have to deal with an air quality alert. it's code orange unhealthy for sensitive groups. limit outdoor activity. now over to tonya with the traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have stop and go traffic top side of the beltway. let's look at more stops than go. 695 at providence due to construction that was up ahead. all your lanes are open. construction is cleared but we
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have the delays all the way back to harford road. back to you megan and charley. >> this is your abc2 newsroom a pregnant woman is resting in the hospital after a house fire. a vacant home caught on fire and caused the woman living in the house next door to become ill. the fire started just after 5 this morning in the 1900 block of frederick avenue in west baltimore. investigators right now are not saying how this fire started. but the woman is egg expected to be okay. the owner of a pit bull that attacked an elderly woman takes responsibility for what her dog did. this morning it's unclear what happens to that dog and more importantly what will happen to the woman who was mauled. as abc2 news sherrie johnson is here to tell us the family of the woman will speak out today right? >> reporter: megan today there will be a news conference with more information on the victim # 8-year-old athena n-eofitou. authorities must decide the fate of the dog which mauled
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the woman in front of her home on ponca street. he was sit on the porch without a lower and attacked. the elderly woman has been in ic -- wrought a leash and attacked -- without a leash and attacked. the elderly woman has been in icu. the dog is in quarantine at barcs for ten days and vets will uzi day exercises like petting, walking and restraining on a leash to see if he deserves to go home or be euthanized. >> usually the first thing they will look for is does the dog node attention or crave human contact. >> reporter: three citations for not keeping the dog on a leash and not having records of the vaccination and not having a pet license adding up to about 550 dollars. once again, we will learn more at a news conference that's coming later today. sherrie johnson, abc2
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newthanks. a key witness will stake the -- take the stand in the murder trial of a officer. he is accused of killing a man at a bar in mount vernon last summer. today the defense is going to call the victim's sister to the stand. she saw the fight last summer but was not called to the stand by the state. legal analyst say the defense will try to show the victim marine corporal tyrone brown approached tshamba before the shooting took place. house minority leader nancy pelosi is calling for a ethics committee investigation of anthony weiner following the announcement monday. the new york democrat admitted to lying about posting lewd photos in the twitter account and says the investigation is going to determine if the government resources were used or house rules violated. we want to know what you think about this. should weiner resign over the result of this scandal? he is goington admit multiple relationships with other women dating back three years. go to the facebook fan page at
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abc2 news and leave comments and we will share more of your thoughts a bit later this morning. ten minutes away from 7 this morning. people who live in harford and cecil counties say one of the toll increase proposals targets them. the hatem bridge carries route 4 over the susquehanna river. toll is 5 bucks right now. just like the 59 bridge a few miles away -- 95 bridge a few miles away. but the hatem bridge uses a unique decal. regular users pay 10 bucks to give them unlimited trips between harford and cecil counties. the maryland transportation authority proposed plan would eliminate the decal system and force drivers to use the ez pass. unlimited transportation across the hatem bridge would cost -- trips across the hatem bridge would cost 36 bucks and the transponder fee and $25 deposit into the ez pass account. . the mbta is holding 9 public hearings behalf vote is taken between the meetings. so if you want to focus on the
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hatem bridge those meeting are june 16 at perryville high school and june 27th at havre de grace activity center but there are nine meetings. so if you want the others dates, times and location head to politician want to clean up the streets of baltimore and lower taxes. state senator katherine pew announced her intent to run for the baltimore city office. now in front of a cheering crowned, she addressed supporters in west baltimore district and says if elected she will tackle the high property tax rate and bottle tax and wants to help young people steer clear of crime, drugs and gang violence. she wants to make sure there is equity between dollars that go to downtown development and the monies that go into outside neighborhood. well health news this morning. if you keep hearing things, you are not crazy. that's good to know. you may be drinking too much coffee a study is suggesting that just five cups a day could
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be enough to make your ears start to play tricks on you. i will remind you a week ago this was story saying 6 cups was good for your prostate. so you may get the six cups for the prostate but hearing things. a person went toe sar as to say they heard white christmas even though the song was not playing. >> i hear that song sometimes too. time for five things to know before heading out the door this morning at 6:52. president obama's welcomes the german chancellor merkel to the white house. they are going to have several meeting today. and tonight the president and first lady will host a state dinner in the rose garden. the defense secretary robert gates is flying to brussels where he will attend nato meetings expected to foe dust on -- focus on what he ahead for afghan tan stan libya. he wrapped up a four-day tour highlighted by visits to troop bases in remotes part of southern and eastern afghanistan as a reminder, he is retiring june 30th.
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in chicago there will be a major policy address to unveil plans for controlled spending and economic plans. according to a aide, the speech offers a plan for the economy and creating jobs. homeland security secretary will be in new york tuesday that's today delivering remarks at new york university school of law on the homeland security department efforts ten years after the 9/11 attacks. that speech is set for 5:30 this afternoon. game four tonight tonight for the mavericks and the heat in the nb amount finals. heat lead -- nba finals. heat lead the best of 7 series 2-1. catch the action here tonight at 9. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. let's talk about the dew points because they will go up as we go to the next several days. right now not too bad. we are comfortable but once we get into the 60s. as we will going through the
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rest of today and shoot up from there, tomorrow and the next day we will feel really uncomfortable outside. satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot. we are watching is for the cluster of thunderstorms now to sag to the south and east and it could get into the area as we go into the afternoon time frame. if it comes, it's going to be hit or miss showers. nol everybody will be on the wetside. satellite and radar shows area of high pressure sagging to the south and we will have a ridge an upper level ridge building in and with that that's going to see the heat and humidity get in here as we go into tomorrow. wednesday, and thursday. future radar not picking up on a lot. we will see plenty sunshine throughout the day and also into tomorrow. so for today, i am going to call it mostly sunny to partly cloudy outside. today's temperature will be coming in right around 90. we have an air quality alert. and that is a code orange that's in effect. so if you have asthma, any other lung disease or heart disease or elderly you need to
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limit your time outside. now tonight the temperature will be right around 68 degrees. a few clouds and once again it will get balmy out there. and then by tomorrow, the temperature will be right around 96 degrees so yes, we are getting hotter but forget the 96 because the humidity will be out there and feel like we are in the 100s. so it's going to feel uncomfortable. here's 7-day forecast for you. and we can see it and i am picking this out for charley. we will jump to wednesday with the temperatures coming -- actually thursday wheretemperature is coming in around 99. we are close to a hundred. the heat index will be around 105 maybe a little higher. and 94 as we go into friday and we have the chance of a shower and thunderstorm and thank goodness the front will come in and drop temperatures off a bit. let's get the last check of traffic with tonya. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. not a good one. top side outer loop closed from -- top side at providence stop and go traffic. not fun at all. all the construction up ahead
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has been cleared but delays back to harford road. a couple accidents 83 southbound just before the beltway. and that's over on the left shoulder. some people are using york as the alternate and 97 southbounddown in anne arundel county, that is over on right shoulder it shouldn't pose too much of a problem. >> thanks so much tonya. we want to remind you that if you head to the facebook fan page you can weigh in on the ho topic. people are commenting so far. more and more women are selling breast mill to being make money. people have a lot to say and there's questions. so read the article and we will aret story at nine and you can comment. >> and being the token male on the desk. >> you are uncomfortable. >> i will say nothing. we are talk about anthony weiner, should he stay or go following announcement that all the allegations are altruism. so go to facebook and let us know what you think and tells how your tuesday is going. >> see you at nine.
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